EFac7075 represents the group of undergraduates who were in the Faculty of Engineering during the period 1970-1975. EFac7075 group is pleased to announce that it has established a fund (EFac7075 fund) with PEFAA to help the undergraduates of the Faculty. The money collected for this purpose is mainly from the personal contribution of the group members with some money coming from private sector donations. The fund at present stands at 3.5 million. Rs. 3.2 million Rs of the collected money is held as a bank fixed deposit, with half of the yearly interest in the future made available for disbursement. The remaining interest will be accumulated with the fund as a counter-inflationary measure. 140,000 Rs. the remaining money collected, will be available in 2017 for disbursement.

It is the wish of the EFac7075 group that the fund money to be utilized “as travel and subsistence to facilitate undergraduate students to travel overseas primarily for competitions/R&D forums of academic/professional interest or else to purchase any specific item(s) for an undergraduate research project for which no other funding is available”. PEFAA will disburse the fund money to the beneficiaries selected at the direction of the Dean, Faculty of Engineering taking the above wish into account.

Nimal Seneviratne,


EFac7075 Fund