Alumni and Staff Information Management System


Alumni and Staff Information Management System of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Peradeniya is a unified information management system developed by Dr. Kamalanath Samarakoon volunteerlly when he is the Director of Engineering Education Unit (2013-2018) and the Treasurer of the PEFAA (2013, 2014,2015,2017). The data collected from various sources are used in this system. This system will support the alumni groups management as well as other non mission critical official requirements. Any Alumni or Staff group associated with the Faculty can use the facilities provided by this system free of charge. Please request Dr Kamalanath for any assistance or feature requests. Addition of features will be done when time permits. Secretaries of the PEFAA Dr. Shoba Herath (2017) and Ms. Lekha Bakmeedeniya (2013,2014,2015) helped for collecting the data. The data collected by EEU Director (2002-2007) Dr Jayalth Edirisinghe is also used to complete this system.


The system consists of three primary applications which access the central data repository. The applications are

  • Alumni and Staff Personal Information Management System
  • Alumni and Staff Group Management System
  • Alumni and Staff Group Public Data System
  • Alumni and Staff Data Management System

To use these systems different access privileges are required. Depending on the role of each student, alumni, staff different privileges are granted.

Alumni and Staff Personal Information Management System

Register and Login

Anyone can register to this system. Once registered, an activation link will be sent to the registered email address. Once the user click the activation link, his/her record will be activated. Once activated user can start entering the personal data. If user is a member of any group s/he can indicate the same and listed as prospective membership until it is confirmed by the administrator of the relevant group.

Since the Faculty has the records of students in this system, the alumni manager will connect your new record to the record created by the Faculty after verifying the accuracy of the data provided by you. This is a manual process and thus takes some time to happen.

My Data

Once login, the user can edit some data and add some data. Also the user can mark the records deleted. The administrator will remove the deleted records after inspecting the reason for deletion. Also the user can see the public data of the members of the groups s/he is affiliated to.

Alumni and Staff Group Management System

The groups will be managed by the managers of the respective groups. Data administrators will have the editing privileges and officers will have the viewing privileges of the members data. This data cannot be seen by the public.

Alumni and Staff Group Public Data System

This system will display the lists of all the members of the groups and their public data.

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