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 |Dean (Ex-officio)|Prof. L Rajapaksha|  |Dean (Ex-officio)|Prof. L Rajapaksha|
 |Immediate Past President (Ex-officio)|Eng. Udeni Wickramarathna|  |Immediate Past President (Ex-officio)|Eng. Udeni Wickramarathna|
-|Immediate Past General Secretary (Ex-officio)|Eng ​Kamalanath Samarakoon|  +|Immediate Past General Secretary (Ex-officio)|Eng. (Mrs) L.U. Bakmeedeniya|  
 |Faculty Board representative|Eng. Daham Dias|  |Faculty Board representative|Eng. Daham Dias|
 |Committee Members|Prof. S.B.S.Abayakoon|  ​ |Committee Members|Prof. S.B.S.Abayakoon|  ​
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