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 |President|Eng. Palitha B. Abeykoon| ​  |  |President|Eng. Palitha B. Abeykoon| ​  |
 |Vice President | Eng. Dimuthu Lakmal |  |Vice President | Eng. Dimuthu Lakmal |
-|General Secretary|Dr. (Mrs.) ​Shoba. R. Herath|{{http://​pefaa.net/​hrm/​AlumniPhotos/​Shoba%20Herath-20171201-133335.jpg?​150}}+|General Secretary|Dr. (Mrs.) ​Maheshi Dissanayake|| 
 |Assistant Secretary|Eng. Dinuka Senevirathna|  |Assistant Secretary|Eng. Dinuka Senevirathna|
 |Treasurer|Eng. (Mrs.) W. L. Abeygunasekera|  |Treasurer|Eng. (Mrs.) W. L. Abeygunasekera|
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