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 +======Services in Need for Faculty of Engineering======
 +  -Infrastructure development
 +    - The lighting system of EOE Pereira Theater is really poor and not suitable for any decent function. Fix a proper professional stage lighting system is essential. The cost would be 5 million or any be 3 million scaled down version.
 +    - The sound system of EOE Pereira Theater is more than 35 years old. It is proposed to installed professional grade array speaker system. The cost would be 2 million Rupees.
 +  - Supporting research activities
 +      - Starting a new research fund to provide a bigger sum on selected research of national interest. ​
 +      - At present each department has small research funds as Fixed Deposits under PEFAA to support student projects to buy items that cannot buy from University money (such as from ebay) where the interest is sufficient to pay about 30000 per year. You may contribute to improve theses fund.
 +  - Making a fund for annual faculty activities
 +      - PEFAA is spending about 500,000 each year (some times more) for Faculty activities. If we can have a Fixed Deposit to get that from the interest, then it is not necessary to raise funds for PEFAA regularly through fundraising activities. Out of this 500,000, we provide about 100,000 for students to participate for foreign competitions (Sports, RoboCon) or local events (Spaghetti bridge competition,​ Career fair etc). We may increase that share too.
 +    - Academic support
 +        - **Building a Faculty Management System:** We do not have a proper management system for the Faculty. PEFAA was instrumental in purchasing software by paying annually 1000USD as a pilot project. However it is found that readymade software is not capable of handling the stringent and also ad-hoc requirement of the Faculty. So the only option is to develop such as system. For that we need to pay for a computer programmer may be for one year. The cost would be about Rs. 1.2 million
 +        - **Building a Digital Learning Academy:​**With the advanced digital technology, the function of a class room lectures is being changed drastically. Instead of traditional teacher centered learning, flipped class room model is being promoted. Now the lectures can pre-record lectures and students study at their phase, lecturers can guide them. The classes will be used more to discuss problems. For that we need to develop or customize a digital platform and for that we need to pay for a computer programmer may be for one year. The cost would be about Rs. 1.2 million. ​
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